Lip Augmentation

Lip Augmentation Treatment in India

A smile plays a crucial role in forming a long-lasting impression. People usually feel embarrassed and self-conscious with thin lips. Lip Augmentation is a plastic cosmetic surgery that aims to increase the fullness of the lips and enhance the aesthetic appearance. Irrespective of age, every woman wishes to have puffy, sensual lips as a sign of feminism, youth, and desirability. Lip kits and liners do not even last more than two days so cosmetic products play a limited role in many cases. It is hence better to opt for Lip Augmentation which in a way is the best solution for lips lacking definition and volume. There is a certain increasing percentage of men also undertaking the procedure to fulfil their expectations of a fuller look.

Lip Augmentation


Lip augmentation aims to add structure, fullness, and a defined contour to an individual's thin lips. Advantages that come along with the procedure are:

Lip Augmentation Objective
  • The Lip augmentation procedure uses a substance, such as hyaluronic acid, that gives a natural appearance along with natural plumpness to your lips.
  • Lip fillers overall enhance your appearance and help to boost your self-confidence.
  • The natural fillers used in lip augmentation gradually develop over a while. It is best for clients who have thin lips and are unsure about the results.
  • Lip augmentation comes with minimalistic after effects or reactions. Discuss your medication and allergies, if any before having the surgery.
  • The best part is that you can resume back to work after a day, post to the procedure.


The surgeon will give local anaesthesia or apply numbing cream to your lips, followed by applying a mark on either side of your mouth’s corner. A clamp is used to hold things together, which is placed on the mark to create a pocket. The clamp will open to place the implants inside your lips, followed by closing the marks. The surgery usually takes 30 to 45 minutes. Various techniques of lip augmentation are:

  • Lip Implants : an alternative to semi-permanent fillers that provides a permanent solution.
  • Fat Grafting : uses your tissue as a substitute for artificial implants and fillers.
  • Tissue Grafting Skincare : uses a piece of your skin(dermis) for autologous(use of an individual’s cell or tissue) lip augmentation.

Are you an ideal candidate for Lip Augmentation?

The best candidates for lip augmentation are those who fall under the following criteria.

  • Add fullness and contour to their lips.
  • Have asymmetrical lips.
  • Have practical expectations.
  • You must not have any active inflammation.
  • You must not have any facial disorder and a history of numerous allergies.