Otoplasty Treatment in India

Otoplasty or ear surgery is a cosmetic surgery that enhances the shape, brings stability and proportion to the ears, and improves the overall aesthetic appearance of the face. It can treat a defect present during birth, defects that evolve with time, and a distorted ear because of injury. It involves performing the procedure on the outer visible portion of your ear, known as the auricle.

The three classifications of Otoplasty are:

  • Ear Pinning- Individuals having small pairs of ears or underdeveloped ears.
  • Ear Augmentation- Individuals having a pair of protruding ears sticking out of their heads.
  • Ear Reduction- Individuals having large pairs of ears.


The purpose of Otoplasty is to eliminate the ear deformities, such as protruding ears, large ear lobes that can make people self-conscious about their look. Several benefits include:

Otoplasty Objective
  • Otoplasty can correct the prominent ears by achieving a flattened position close to your head, enhancing the overall facial appearance.
  • Individuals with folded, large, or small ears can improve their ear structure with the help of Otoplasty. It helps to attain a more natural facial look.
  • Irrespective of age, Otoplasty boosts self-confidence and helps to live an enjoyable life.
  • Otoplasty delivers permanent results with minimal chances of any complication.


Otoplasty usually takes between one to three hours depending on the requirements of the procedure. Adults and young children are given anaesthesia. The surgeon makes a mark in the inner folds or on the back of your ear. The ear is made of cartilage that is a rubber-like smooth elastic tissue. The surgeon will remove excess cartilage, fold and reshape the cartilage to the desired size and shape.

Are you an ideal candidate for Otoplasty?

Best candidates for Otoplasty must fall under the following criteria.

  • Individuals must be above or at least five years of age and below sixty-five years of age. 90% of the ear develops till the age of five. It will be ineffective if you perform below this age. If someone is above sixty-five and in good condition, can opt for Otoplasty.
  • You must be a non-smoker and non-alcoholic. If you do, do not consume in the following six weeks and following post-procedure.
  • It is necessary to be in a good healthy condition and must be able to stop certain medications if needed.
  • You must have realistic expectations about the procedure and result.