Tummy tuck - Abdominoplasty

Tummy tuck Treatment in India

Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) is a plastic surgery procedure that aims to reduce the excess skin and fat deposits from the upper, middle, and lower portion of the belly, and builds up the appearance. Tightening of the connective tissue and muscles is done in the abdomen(fascia) and repositioning of the remaining skin also helps to give a more toned appearance.

Tummy Tuck


Various factors lead to the development of poor skin elasticity, excess skin, and week connective tissues in your abdomen, such as:

Tummy Tuck Objective
  • Drastic weight loss.
  • Multiple pregnancies.
  • Abdominal surgery.
  • Aging.

With the help of tummy tuck treatment, you can get rid of the stretch marks, excess skin, and fat from the lower abdomen portion below your belly button. You can go for other body contouring cosmetic procedures along with tummy tuck, such as breast surgery or Liposuction.


The procedure mostly takes one to six hours, depending on the extent of the task at hand and the intensity of the surgery. The surgeon will remove the fat around the belly button and pubic hair in an elliptical shape. The tightening of the abdomen (fascia) present over the abdominal muscles is taken care of. The surgeon will then reposition your belly button and place it back to its original position.

You can go for the following options while considering a tummy tuck.

  • Partial or Mini-Abdominoplasty- Patients who have fat deposits present below their navel opt for this treatment.
  • Complete tummy tuck- involves moving the belly button and adjusting the fat near hip bones.
  • High Lateral Tension Tummy Tuck- It involves the muscle tightening of both vertical and horizontal lines.
  • Circumferential Abdominoplasty- combines butt lift with abdominoplasty.

Are you an ideal candidate for a tummy tuck?

People who have excess skin in their abdomen that does not reciprocate to the exercises can opt for a tummy tuck. It is appropriate for both men and women who are in good health. Women who have had multiple surgeries and have weak abdominal muscles can find this procedure helpful. Obese people who have loose skin around their belly can also opt for a tummy tuck.

Buttock Augmentation

Buttock Augmentation Treatment in India

Buttock Augmentation or Gluteal Augmentation is a plastic surgery that reshapes and improves the gluteal area, providing you with more firm and round butts. A perfect pair of butts symbolizes sensuality and femininity. Many patients prefer buttock lift along with lower body lift procedures, such as contouring thighs, groin, and abdomen.

Buttock Augmentation


The buttock augmentation aims to address the following issue.

Butock Augmentation Objective
  • It enhances the butt volume.
  • It helps to lift the lower butts.
  • It provides better contour and structure to the butts.
  • It eliminates the visibility of cellulite. Cellulite is a buildup of fat underneath the skin that forms dimples on the butts.
  • It helps you look fit and confident in the clothes.
  • It provides a balanced proportion when incorporated with other body lifts.


The surgeon starts by making a mark from hip to hip, covering the lower back portion, followed by pulling out the excess skin and lifting the butts to the desired shape. Buttock augmentation is often done by:

  • Butt Implants which involve placing artificial silicone-filled devices within the tissues of your buttocks.
  • Fat Grafting uses fat from your other body parts. It is also known as autologous(use of an individual’s cell or tissue) buttock augmentation.

Are you an ideal candidate for Buttock Augmentation?

The best candidates for buttock augmentation are:

  • People who have lost weight and have lost their natural curves.
  • People who think their butts are too flat in shape.
  • People who expect that having buttock surgery will bring their butts in proportion with their body.
  • People who have visible aging signs, such as sagginess and flatness of skin around their butts.
  • You must be a non-smoker and must lead a healthy lifestyle.
4 dimensional body sculpting with vaser


4 dimensional body sculpting with vaser is a newer style of treatment that is particularly effective at removing stubborn areas of fat that do not easily shift with lifestyle changes. It is less painful than traditional liposuction and features several benefits, including faster recovery time and less scarring.

The results are seen very soon after the procedure, but you ought to maintain a healthy lifestyle to make sure they continue. The specialists will offer you clarity about the available options and build a concept that is best suited to your needs.

4 Dimensional Body Sculpting with Vaser


4D body contouring combines advanced technologies to cut back unwanted fat throughout the torso and reveal the tonicity beneath. First, use of VASER is to be done to break down fat deposits and then selectively remove them. This ultrasound-assisted liposuction technique is good for sculpting the abs because it is possible to remove fat without damaging surrounding tissues.

Because VASER removes fat more cleanly than older liposuction techniques, it is ideal for purification and re-injection. In addition, fat injections can help us emphasize the chiselled look by making it more noticeable by the body’s contours.

Who may be a good candidate for 4D sculpting?

4D body contouring is a highly specialized process, and patients are expected to see the best results when they undergo the process via an experienced surgeon.

Anyone can have 4-dimensional body sculpting with a vaser for cosmetic purposes. It is particularly useful if you are progressing to tone and sculpt your body by removing areas of fat that are difficult to get rid of with diet and exercise alone. However, this procedure cannot be used as an alternative to chopping off obesity.