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Vitiligo Treatment


Vitiligo is a skin condition in which the skin loses its colour in the form of patches. It can affect your hair, skin, and inner membrane (lining) of the mouth. Melanin is a pigment-producing cell that is responsible for the determination of your skin and hair colour. When these pigments either stop functioning or die, it contributes to the formation of Vitiligo. It affects people of all ages, skin types, and gender.

With successful measures, you can decisively treat it and prevent it from further making it worse. The option you and your surgeon choose varies depending on the severity of your situation.

Various types of Vitiligo are:

  • Generalized Vitiligo appears on the majority of parts of the body.
  • Universal Vitiligo affects more than 80% of the skin surfaces.
  • Focal or localized Vitiligo appears on a few small areas of the body and does not spread.
  • Segmental Vitiligo appears on one side or a part of the body.
  • Acrofacial Vitiligo emerges on the nose, eyes, face, hands, and ears.
Vitiligo Treatment


Common treatments include:

  • Light Therapy- The use of ultraviolet B(UVB) has proven to slow down the progress of active Vitiligo. It delivers many effective results when combined with corticosteroids. Corticosteroids are steroid hormones that reduce body inflammation.
  • Camouflage Therapy- suggests using sunscreen with ultraviolet A and B (UVA-UVB), makeup, and hair dye to limit the contrast between the regular and affected skin.
  • Depigmentation Therapy- uses a depigmenting agent on the skin that lightens gradually and merges with the discoloured area.
  • Skin grafting- uses the transfer of healthy pigment skin to the white patches.

Are you an ideal candidate for Vitiligo Treatment?

People who have the following symptoms can opt for Vitiligo Treatment.

  • The skin starts losing its colour and forms white patches on the body.
  • The hair on the face and head patches turn permanent white or grey.
Other Vitiligo Procedure
Melanocyte Transplant

Best Melanocyte transplant in India

Melanocyte transplant is a procedure where in a 10 percent graft size yields cells which can cover an area of white patch ten times the size of the graft.

At Advanced Estetica we specialize in performing the Melanocyte surgery, and the studies and expertise of our plastic surgeons has been featured in top international dermatological journals which vouch for the safety and efficacy of this method of treatment.

Benefits of Melanocyte Transplant

  • A small piece of skin yields enough melanocytes to treat large areas of white patches. (1:10 ratio)
  • The cosmetic results are far superior to that of older treatments as we replace cells and not pieces of skin.
  • Day care treatment.
  • Can be done under local /regional/or general anesthesia.
Melanocyte Transplant
Other Vitiligo Procedure
Best Vitiligo Surgeon India

The Vitiligo Specialists.

Advanced Estetica introduces Advanced Skin Magic – the ideal treatment for resolving your Vitiligo problems. Also know as Melanocyte transplant, this treatment is provided at Advanced Estetica under the skilful hands of one of the highly appreciated aesthetic experts – Dr. Vivek.

Dr. Vivek, comes with a long list of successful results having transformed lives of Vitiligo clients both in India as well Internationally. Having done procedures in the past 20+ years he has developed the perfect understanding of

  • How the vitiligo procedure should be undertaken?
  • What care should one take before doing the vitiligo procedure?
  • When should this treatment be undertaken to solve vitiligo issues?
  • What should one expect after undertaking the vitiligo procedure?
  • And much more.
SKIN MAGIC VITILIGO TREATMENT (melanocyte transplant) BY Dr Vivek Bhat

He has the right answers to all these questions and many more that you might have before planning to get your solution identified for solving your vitiligo problems.

There are a host of possibilities available to solve the issue of vitiligo and find the right answers since your vitiligo could be at different stages. Whether static or expanding, the treatment needs to be altered and changed accordingly to control the vitiligo problems and find a listing solution by maybe performing vitiligo transplant at the right time and at appropriate interval.

To seek more information and understanding about the right vitiligo treatment and procedure for your requirements the right step to be taken is to consult our experts and help them understand your exact condition.

The right diagnosis can help get the right options for you to choose from. The right option choice can help you achieve the right solution for your vitiligo concerns.

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